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Honey bees are a vital part of our lives, pollinating flowers and crops and providing us with honey and wax. Without the honey bee, most fruits and vegetables would go un-pollinated and mankind would likely starve.

When a bee colony moves into a structure, they can be a damaging and potentially dangerous nuisance. If the bees are not removed the hive will continue to grow in size and numbers and become more difficult to deal with.

Poisoning the hive is a poor solution.  Poisoning leaves behind the comb which will attract many other pests, trading one damaging problem for another.

The best remedy is to have the beehive professionally removed and to have that location made undesirable for bees to return later.

Bee-Mover is your turnkey solution for removing unwanted honey bees.

We serve the East Tennessee area along I-40, from Knoxville to Crossville and from Oak Ridge to Lenoir City.

We will remove the bees from the structure and relocate them to another location, allowing the hive to continue to grow and thrive.  Next we clean the location of the hive to make it an undesirable location for bees to return. Finally we will repair the structure, leaving it as it was before the bees moved in.

Bee-Mover is the solution to your honeybee problem.